Can’t Log in to Instagram After Changing your Phone Number?


Can’t Log in to Instagram?, Instagram is a worldwide app that is known as an entertainment app that was created for people to fill up their free time, however many others have been using the platform for multiple purposes such as promoting their businesses online, making money on Instagram… and losing their accounts might negatively impact their business and finances which is why many people then to activate the two authentication code feature to keep their Instagram account protected because it allows them to double confirm their login to access their accounts, this helps avoid any hacking attempts; so even if someone was able to get your account’s password, they still need to get a 6-digit confirmation code for verification which is sent only to the phone number connected to the profile as SMS notification, or through WhatsApp. Unfortunately, as helpful as this feature sounds, many people lose access to their accounts once they change their phone numbers, and since you are reading this blog, you must be facing the same issue but we are here to help.

If you can’t Log in to Instagram after changing your phone number because you need to provide a verification code, there are a few options you can try. In this blog, we will be discussing some steps to follow to Log in to Instagram After Changing your Phone Number.

Log in to Instagram After Changing Phone Number

If you can’t Log in to Instagram after changing your phone number or you lost access to the number connected to your profile, then there are alternative ways to log in without it. However, Instagram will eventually ask you to provide a valid phone number to verify your identity and keep your account protected, but before let us check what to do if you’ve lost access to your account and you can’t use your phone to get a recovery code.

  1. Log in with your email address: If the number connected to your account was changed and you no longer have access to it, then Instagram gives you the option to simply log in by using the email address or just your username. However, sometimes people who have the double authentication feature will be asked to add the code sent to the phone number to confirm identity, and if you have tried the email but are still getting the verification code on the old phone number, the following strategy is a strategy you can follow to access the account.
  1. Login with your Facebook ID: If your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook, then you should be able to rely on this method to regain access to the Instagram profile. All you have to do is open the Instagram app and from the login screen select “Continue with Facebook”. If you’re already logged into your Facebook account on your device, Instagram will automatically log you in, if not then you would have to enter your Facebook account’s password and login details to continue and that’s the easiest way to access your Instagram account using your Facebook ID
  1. Forgot password: Once you open the Instagram app, you will see the login page, do not add any information and directly click on ”Forgot Password” in blue in the middle of the page. You can then proceed and add either your Instagram handle or email address so the Instagram app can find your account. Now after it has found the account, it will give you various options to be able to receive a verification code, either you can get a code to your phone number, and email address, or enter the password; of course in this case we will be choosing the email address option. A code will then be sent to the email and you will be able to confirm your identity and access your profile.
  1. Submit a support ticket: If you no longer have access to either the phone number or email address, simply click on ”No longer have access to these” at the bottom of the page and the app will give the option to send you the message through WhatsApp text, of course, in this case, you have no access to the phone number, you can proceed to click on ”Try another way” the Instagram help center will pop up where you should be able to submit a support ticket where you can show an ID picture and confirm the identity, if you fail to confirm you are the owner of the account then, unfortunately, you must find a way to get back at least the email account.

Can’t Log in to Instagram After Changing your Phone Number?

Change the phone number connected to Instagram

After gaining access to your Instagram account, it is mandatory to change the phone number linked to it if you will no longer use it. This will help recover your Instagram account in case you forgot the password and will allow you to receive the confirmation code and log in easily. Below you will find how you can change the phone number linked to your account.

  1. Open your Instagram app and go to your profile page, scroll down to and click on Personal Information settings, hit the phone number field and there you can remove the linked phone number and add a new phone number then hit next. After that, you will receive an SMS notification with a 6-digit verification code to confirm the linking of the phone number to your account. Add the code to the field and hit done to save the new number.


Why I can’t log into my Instagram account?

Many Instagram users often face login issues and if you can’t log in to your Instagram account, there could be many reasons for that including having a poor connection, Instagram making temporary updates, your account being banned, or you entered the wrong login information. In all cases, Instagram will notify you and you should be able to know what is possibly causing the issue.

Can I log in to my Instagram account without a phone number?

If you can’t regain access to the phone number you used to sign up for Instagram, you’ll need to log into Instagram by the email linked to it or by Facebook and then change the linked phone number so logging in is easier for you next time.

How to access an Instagram account without an email or phone number?

You can get back your Instagram account using your username if you can no longer reach the phone number connected to it and can’t recall the email address you used. Simply launch the Instagram app, then select the “Forgot password” option and enter your username on the login screen. Your email will receive the letter containing the code or link that will confirm your identity and help you set a new password to access your Insta profile.

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