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Free Instagram followers can be a challenging task and having a big Instagram account is something most beginner influencers, content creators, and business owners thrive on, that is why there are many alternative ways you can grow your following list and push your account as a beginner. The most effective and basic alternative is boosting the followers by using a third-party source. Getting Instagram followers is becoming a common practice in 2023 among Instagram users, but some people are still hesitant and not ready to invest in social media services providers or just do not fit their budget, but no worries we understand our customers and we made it possible to get free followers with BulkyFans. Keep reading to discover more about the platform and how you can get free followers by using it.

What is BulkyFans?

BulkyFans is a reputable social media growth tool that can assist you in gaining more Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments for your account. You can get followers and build your Instagram account using the BulkyFans method. Simply select the package that best fits your goals and needs and you will start noticing a change in your account almost instantly. BulkyFans takes pride in not dealing with any bot-generated followers and our system works by matching the users who are looking for followers with those who are looking for interesting profiles to follow.

So if you are a business owner and trying to promote your products and services on the platform, or a content creator who is looking for a second income from the platform, getting Instagram followers is a great tool to include in your growth strategy.

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Get free followers with BulkyFans

Within the process of building brand awareness, we at BulKyFans have thought of how our customers can also benefit from this and we think that getting free followers can be the best gift we can offer. So, from now on, BulkyFans has made it possible to offer free followers to any profile that helps her with brand awareness. Keep reading to discover more on how to get free followers with BulkyFans.

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50 free followers

If you are looking for a free trial which most other websites do not offer, then we can get you 50 free Followers, as a test to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the followers first before making any purchase. All you need is to contact us on the WhatsApp number (+44 7869 591316) providing us with only the @user and no password so that you stay sure of your account’s safety and security.


Boost your account with 1,000 free followers

We believe that stories are a powerful tool that allows you to connect with followers in a more detailed and personal way, that is why BulkyFans offers a free 1k followers to each person who publishes a story about the website. if you are interested you can simply contact us on WhatsApp and you will get free followers with BulkyFans.

For the gift to be received smoothly, there are a few points that must be met.

  1. Your Instagram account must have at least 1k followers.
  2. The story needs to stay up for the full 24 hours.
  3. A clickable link to the website must be included.

Get 2,000 free followers

If you are looking to grow your Instagram following but the packages do not fit your budget then we got you. Simply craft and publish a creative in-feed post about the BulkyFans website where you can either mention your previous experience with us or just give an overview of our website and you will receive 2,000 free followers for your account.

Just like the previous gift, there are certain requirements that make you eligible for the gift

  1. Your account must have a minimum of 1k followers.
  2. Your account interactions need to match the number of followers you have.
  3. The gift will be received after you publish the post.

Receive 2,000 free followers in addition to 2,000 free likes

In 2023, Instagram has been leveraging Instagram reels and we would like to help you take advantage of that; So by posting a reel about our website, you not only make your account visible to a larger audience, but you will also benefit from a free 2k followers gift and 2k free likes. Simply contact us on the WhatsApp number (+44 7869 591316) to receive your gifts.

  1. Your account must have at least 1k followers.
  2. Overall account’s likes and views must match the number of followers you got.
  3. The reel must not exceed 10 seconds in length.

In brief, remember that even after you get free followers with BulkyFans it takes time and patience to develop even more followers without using third-party websites. So BulkyFans will definitely help you increase your Instagram account at first but you will have to accompany it with high-quality and consistent posting to keep the balance and the growth increasing. If the users you gain find value in your content they will be interested to keep following you. Keep in mind to use these free followers as a base to grow your audience, and enjoy the experience of building new connections and interacting with more people.


Is it okay to get free followers from other sources?

Getting Instagram followers is a common practice and is totally fine. It will not have any effect on your account plus it is not illegal.

How to attract more followers and get noticed on Instagram?

In order to increase your account’s visibility, make sure you are posting interesting content that people can engage and share with their friends and family. Also, remember that growing Instagram does take a lot of time and patience so just enjoy the process and wait for the results.

Can I boost my Instagram account for free?

Normally boosting an Instagram account with Instagram is not free and you will have to pay for the ads. As an alternative, you can look for external sources who offer Instagram services for free in exchange for a favor and boost your account.

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