How to get a blue tick in Instagram 2024


If you’re a content creator or business owner, you should know how to get verified on Instagram so that your profile seems as credible as possible on social media. Having a verified Instagram account has numerous useful benefits; it’s not only a status symbol. It will help with the authenticity of your account and make it easier for users to identify your account easily since no other people will have the possibility to create fake accounts and scam users under your name. Additionally, it will indirectly help with the engagement since your profile will be looking more trustworthy and you can appear more famous and those are the kind of profiles people engage with most.

In this blog, we will be discussing the importance of being verified and how to get a blue tick in Instagram 2024.

What is Instagram verification?

The Instagram verification feature is a blue badge users can have besides their username to confirm that the account is authentic. The process of Getting a blue checkmark badge on Instagram proves to other users that an account belongs to the person, artist, or company it represents.

The majority of celebrities and successful influencers use this meta-verification since many people tend to create fake accounts under their name so this verification is the best option they have to prevent any other profile from using their name as well as to ensure that their fans and new audiences are following the right profile.

How to get a blue tick in Instagram 2024

If Meta verifies an account then be sure that this profile represents what it says it does.

The benefits of getting a blue check on Instagram in 2024

Having an Instagram-verified account has several advantages. Obtaining verification for your brand or business account might be a very effective technique in your social media marketing plan because it will increase the credibility of your profile, which is beneficial when sharing significant news, or services. Additionally, it makes you stand out Because verified accounts always show up at the top of Instagram search results. Also keep in mind that Instagram won’t certify multiple instances of a person or business, so you can be sure that the verified account is the actual one this helps with fake accounts stealing your identity. Last but not least, all verified accounts get higher engagement rates compared to other profiles.

This Meta verification badge unlocks many other features and privileges that usual accounts do not have access to, such as exclusive stickers for Reels and Stories, as well as extra protection of the account from being impersonated or hacked by an outsider, in case you did lose the access to your account, you will be able to utilize the help of the customer support who will assist you through the process of getting back your account within hours.

How to get verified on Instagram in 2024?

Requesting the Meta verification from the Instagram team is quite simple, all you have to do is;

  1. go to your Instagram profile and tap on the 3line icon on the right corner of the page> then click on settings> tap account> and look for request verification> Once you click on it an application form will appear on your page, fill it in correctly with your name a picture of your ID and other simple information> review everything and then click on send.
  1. After applying, the Instagram team will review the application check all the information provided, and then you’ll receive a response of a simple yes or no without any other explanation in your notifications tab. If the application was approved then congratulations you will be able to see a blue tab next to your username, if not then you can apply again after 30 days.


who can get verified on Instagram?

On Instagram, anyone may ask for a verified badge. You have the right to ask for the meta verification, regardless of whether you are a well-known celebrity, an influencer, or simply an individual having fun with Instagram. However, Instagram is extremely selective when it comes to choosing who gets verified.

Why do I need to be verified on Instagram?

Instagram users can use the verification badges as a sign indicating their accounts are legitimate; fake users and fan accounts will not be able to use your exact name and also it will make it easier for other people to identify your actual account from other fake ones.

Is meta verification free?

The Meta Verified badge requires a paid subscription that is renewed every month for users to establish their presence on Instagram and Facebook. Beyond simply giving you a blue mark, this membership has many other advantages; Several features will be unlocked to eligible profiles once they complete the verification process.

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