How to get followers with meta ads


Currently, everyone should know how important it is to have a strong presence on social media sites, especially on the Instagram application, as Instagram users are increasing day by day very quickly and it is considered one of the 3 best platforms for promoting your business and building your brand. Also, increase your sales and get more support. But it is difficult in the beginning, especially when you are a beginner or have a startup company.

We, at BulkyFans, know the difficulty of obtaining a large number of followers. That is why we have provided you with the right solution for you, Facebook ads or meta ads are here to serve you.

What are Meta Ads?

It is formerly known as Facebook Ads. It is a feature that companies or any other user can use to create customized ads and target a specific audience to increase the visibility of their account to people interested in the same content they want and attract them to follow their account in addition to increasing their sales. We will know all of this through This blog.

How do I increase followers through meta ads?

The first thing you should create is a meta ads account. How do you do that?

1. Set up a meta business account on Tips and tricks for Instagram growth. All you have to do is enter all the information required of you on the page, such as your email address, business page name, and other simple details.

2. You must focus on creating your audience and identifying the category of people who want to see you and who are interested in your work or content, so advertising offers you an advantage in customizing your audience

Therefore, you must choose an audience that matches the followers you already have.

3. After creating your audience and your account, you can continue launching your meta ads. The first thing is to create meta ads by clicking on the sidebar to start creating one.

When you have completed filling out all the requirements on all pages, you can continue to add a video of high quality and appropriate design to attract people who will interact more with your posts.

Once you set all of this correctly and launch your ad directly, you will notice that your account followers will be affected. Now you will wonder how to do that. The goal of the advertisement attached to a video clip or post is to increase interaction around this post and make it more popular to obtain the largest number of different strategies for getting more Instagram followers. Still, you must choose the clip or video correctly and formulate it with the highest possible quality.


Therefore, it requires you to work not only on your post on which you will display ads, but also your profile in general, and make every effort to motivate users to follow you. Create a short, strong bio on your Instagram to provide followers and visitors with information and a general understanding of you and the content, business, or product you are promoting. It is also necessary to improve the aesthetics of your profile and publications by using appropriate colors and good images, to attract visitors’ attention.


How can I get followers with meta ads?

You can increase followers by identifying the appropriate audience before launching ads. You can increase followers indirectly, so choose your audience based on your preferences. Choose the audience that matches your followers and is interested in the same content that you provide.

What is the importance of aesthetic and profile improvement?

When you have an aesthetic and well-presented page, a well-written bio, a complete profile picture, and provide high-quality posts and always follow this strategy in building your page, the ads you launch will not be in vain, and this will enable you to attract more people to your page.

Are the meta ads expensive?

You must first set a budget to stay organized to start running your ads, as the cost of promotion varies according to your request, your goal, and the number of audiences and followers you want to target every day. Also, the number of days you want to continue bringing them to them. This is very good because it allows anyone to launch their ad regardless of their budget, the only thing that changes is the length of the ad period.

What should I pay attention to when running ads?

You should always monitor metrics such as followers and engagement to check whether the rate is rising, falling, or stable.

This is to be able to know if you need to change your business strategy or not, and also track the development of the account and obtain good results.

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