What is the new TikTok update 2024?


TikTok has an audience of over a billion users visiting the app every month, and as a business owner, influencer, or content creator you must be aware of the changes the app is going through so you can stay on track and update your growth strategy if you need to.

TikTok’s features, trendy sounds, and trendy videos are constantly changing and in 2024, TikTok still has the same features it offered last year, however, there were some updates and minor changes which we will discuss further in this blog. Keep reading to learn about the new TikTok updates in 2024.

The new TikTok updates in 2024

Since its creation, TikTok has been known as a short video platform whose main focus is to provide its audience with fun and interesting videos that last no longer than 15 seconds, however, that limit has been extended lately and the TikTok team has been updating their features and set different lengths of videos.

Many changes were made to the platform in many aspects, including:

Video length:

When Tiktok was first launched, users could only record and upload videos that were 15 seconds long which limited the video duration that creators could utilize. However, as time went on, the TikTok team wanted to shift their focus more to what their audience enjoyed, so they extended the length of the videos to 1 minute, 3 minutes, and then now in 2024, you can upload a video that is 10 minutes long. This allows you to upload a video to your audience and include as much content as you want in one video without having to create a second part.

Video format:

TikTok’s main focus was vertical videos so that people scroll easily between videos, however, the app now allows you to add horizontal ones.

TikTok is allowing creators to publish horizontal full-screen mode videos. The TikTok team is trying to turn their platform into an all-in-one and satisfy the needs of different categories of people so they attract as many new audiences as possible. The app started by supporting long-form content and extended the length of its videos to 10 minutes, and now it is starting to embrace the horizontal format which attracted many video creators who normally post content on YouTube.

TikTok pictures:

While the platform is already known to be focused on the video type of content, it started allowing its users to take and add pictures.

TikTok has added a new Photo mode feature that allows users to upload many pictures in the form of a slideshow. This feature seems like it was inspired by Instagram and as we mentioned before, TikTok is becoming an all-in-one app these days. The unique thing about this slideshow is that you can add music, filters, texts, and many other edits just like a normal TikTok video.

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TikTok Algorithm is quite easy to understand and manipulate. However, as a content creator or business owner, you must stay updated on any changes the app makes to get more TikTok followers.

The algorithm started taking into consideration multiple factors when it comes to recommending videos in the fyp; These factors include

  1. Video quality: TikTok algorithm is more likely to recommend clear and high-quality videos.
  2. Engagement rate: The TikTok algorithm values the user interactions including likes, comments, and shares since they are indicators of the post’s quality and they are proof that your content can be interesting and is worth recommending to more audiences.
  3. Interacting with other creators: By actively engaging with other influencers’ videos on the app, and following relevant profiles that work on the same niche you represent, you increase your chances of appearing on FYP and going viral on TikTok.
  4. App usage time: The TikTok algorithm tracks which time of the day people use the platform and how frequently they open the app, and based on this tracing, it gives analytics and all the information you need to go viral you just have to know how to manipulate the app and get the most out of it.


What is new in TikTok in 2024?

Trends on the TikTok platform are constantly changing and 2024 started off strong. TikTok trends this year are much more fun and positive than before and we think that the app started taking a more positive path to help people upgrade their mindset and improve their mental health issues.

Why is TikTok changing?

Many people concluded that TikTok is trying to become an all-in-one app and attract audiences from all the other social media platforms by combining features from each app and it seems that their strategy is working.

Is TikTok still a popular app?

TikTok’s popularity increased back in 2020 during the coronavirus time and it is now still increasing even more. According to recent statistics, the number of active users per month is getting higher and higher.

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