Building Your Brand Persona: Build Trust and Connection on Instagram


Social media can feel distant sometimes and for your followers to become an irreplaceable source of support, you must express your appreciation and respond to their loyalty and trust with the attention it deserves as well as understand the principles of building your brand persona.

The followers you collect are more than simply statistics or numbers on your profile, they are actual individuals who may make a difference in your business growth. Thus, how can you show your gratitude to these followers while maintaining their interest in your account? The solution is plain and simple; all you have to do is establish a sense of community with them. So, if you’re interested in the subject here are our best suggestions on how you can build trust and connection on Instagram.

Tips to build trust and connection on Instagram with your followers

Developing a relationship with your followers is a great method to increase interest and trust in your company since it will make your community feel recognized, allowing you to rank your reels and posts and giving your company essential chances for better visibility. Below you will find some strategies to follow if you want to build a connection on Instagram

  1. Replying to Instagram comments: Give your followers’ messages and comments your full attention. Replying to them will strengthen your relationship with them and show your appreciation for their support.
  2. Add a Personal Touch: If you, -as the CEO of the company- it might be time to do a little face reveal to let people know who is behind the creation of the products being promoted. Humans are curious creatures by nature, so when you reveal a personal detain about the brand or yourself you will get them to feel a little connection with you.
  3. Make contests: Running giveaways and contests will help you show appreciation to your followers. Through these contests, followers will have the opportunity to come together and interact with each other in the comments section, as well as stay interested in your account since you will be giving them something to wait for, which are the contest results.
  4. Be Authentic: Share your personality and be genuine in your interactions with your followers on Instagram. People are more likely to engage with content and creators that they feel a personal connection to. So the more authentic you are, the better chance you have of increasing your Instagram followers and building a connection with them.
  5. Share exclusive content: You can share the behind-the-scenes of a new product shoot to make the followers feel special. You can also give your most engaged followers early access to a new collection, share discounts with them, or add them to the close friends’ story section to let them have a glimpse of your work before anyone else. All of this can help foster a sense of community and loyalty around your brand or content.
  6. Ask for suggestions: You can include your followers in the process of launching new products by asking them through stories on their suggestions; For example when the product should be launched, which color they prefer, or make them choose between 2 different packaging… This will not only help you build a connection on Instagram but also understand what your audience likes most to present a product that you are sure will be sold out soon.
  7. Include gifts from time to time: It is important to get gifts for your followers and include extra ones if they ever make an order with you. The gifts might include free products, discounts for your followers on famous brands, giving them shoutouts… There are many gifts and surprises you can do to make the followers feel special and connected to you.

Building Your Brand Persona: Build Trust and Connection on Instagram

The importance of building a connection with Instagram followers

Building a relationship with your Instagram followers is an excellent strategy for building interest around your account and experiencing many other benefits;


  1. By creating a sense of community within your followers you will be building a welcoming environment where everyone will feel safe to join and you will be growing your community even more.
  2. Having a connection with your followers on Instagram allows you to increase your popularity and your account engagement since users will be interacting more often with your posts.
  3. Building a connection with your followers will make them feel more appreciated and comfortable to communicate with you and give feedback and comments,


How do I engage more with my followers?

It is pretty simple, engaging with your followers requires you to only stay updated on comments you got and reply to them, as well as answer as many DMs as possible.

How to increase my reach on Instagram?

The best way to have more reach is to simply work on increasing your engagement. The more likes and comments you get per post, the more visibility you will get and the more people you will be able to reach.

How to build a sense of community with my followers?

To develop a sense of community on Instagram with your audience, make sure that opinions and the voices of the members of your community are heard and ensure that your members feel noticed by you by either liking their posts, replying to their comments

Interacting back with your followers will help make your community

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