Can I download Instagram reels and share it on TikTok for monetization?


Instagram has always been a go-to social media platform for anyone that just starting to join new networking apps, however, TikTok came to the front in 2020 and is now competing with Instagram. With that being said, both platforms have developed many features over the last years to increase their monthly active user numbers, and marketers and influencers are leveraging this to connect with their target audience, generate more sales, and increase their monthly revenue.

So If you already established a significant number of Instagram Followers and you’re making successful videos on Instagram and want to launch yourself on other platforms, then you can repost your Instagram Reels and share your content on TikTok for monetization.

In this blog post, we will show you how to start cross-promoting your content on other platforms and how you can download Instagram reels and share them on TikTok for monetization.

How to post Instagram Reels on TikTok?

Users can share TikTok videos on Instagram through their stories or feed in one click.

While scrolling through the app, you can

  1. select the video you want to share > then click on the ”arrow” on the sidebar> swipe to Instagram > After being directed to the app you can choose ”story” or ”Reel”, make the edits you want > click on ”share”.

On Instagram unfortunately you will need to make the reposts manually whether it is your content or another creator’s content.

  1. Save your content: First, If you need to publish your Instagram reels, make sure to first have them downloaded on your phone before publishing them because you will not be able to re-download them once they are posted. For stories, however, you might need to use the “Story Highlights” feature to save them to your device. If the video you want to repost belongs to another creator, then you might want to rely on an external app to download it first, then open the TikTok app and publish it on your profile.
  2. Upload to TikTok: Once saved, open the TikTok app, tap the “+” icon, and upload the saved content from your camera roll. You can later make some edits and add captions and hashtags before sharing.


Can i download Instagram reels and share it on TikTok for monetization?

Benefits of cross-posting Instagram content on TikTok

Instagram and TikTok share many common features but still have some differences that distinguish one from the other. And one of the things that differs TikTok from Instagram is the community and type of audience they attract

  1. TikTok is the favored app by Gen Zs. The platform attracts a community of young people, young adults, and teenagers. It generally creates features to attract anyone between the ages of 13 and 60, however according to recent studies, most TikTok users range between 18 and 24 years old with the domination of male users over female ones. Your videos will be exposed to the younger generation which will allow you to go viral on TikTok easily.


  1. Instagram on the other hand has a different type of community. The app can attract all types of people from teenagers to elderly people, and their users age range from 18 to 45 years old. Based on recent statistics, Most of its Users Are Between 18-24 Years Old or 25-34 Years Old. Instagram will be ideal for your business since your content will be exposed to a larger audience which increases your chance of having more sales, but we do not advise you to rely on Instagram only.

So, for you to extend your digital reach and build a strong audience, diversifying your online presence among Instagram and TikTok is key. If you have been successful in ranking Reels on Instagram then the best thing you can do is to cross-promote your content on TikTok.

  1. Cross-posting your content on both platforms will enable a large community to discover your content since you will be exposed to more people. If you have a business to promote, then by posting Instagram reels in TikTok you will be building your brand awareness in no time. And if you are an Influencer then you will have the chance to increase your visibility for collaborations and activate TikTok monetization.
  2. By utilizing both TikTok and Instagram, you will significantly enhance your content’s visibility, contributing positively to your SEO strategy and building a strong digital footprint.
  3. When you share your Instagram reels on TikTok, you have a better chance of earning an income through the videos you make and be rewarded for the time and effort you invest in making such quality videos. The more Reels your ass on your TikTok profile, the better chance you have to join the TikTok creativity program


Can I use Instagram reels for TikTok?

Both your published and draft Reels on Instagram can be cross-posted to TikTok. This will help increase the visibility of your content.

Does downloading Instagram reels and posting them on TikTok trigger copyright?

No, a copyright claim won’t be made, but if the video contains some songs, movies, etc., there’s a good possibility one will be made. However, it would be respectful if you took another creator’s work to tag their page or include their name.

Can I share videos from Instagram to TikTok?

In comparison with TikTok, you can’t share your Instagram posts directly to the app. You will need to make sure your Instagram posts and reels are automatically saved to your phone, then manually upload them to TikTok.

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