Can I see a Private Instagram Account: Full Guide 2024


Instagram is a straightforward, easy-to-use platform that allows you to connect to family, friends, and businesses. You can easily search for any person or brand on Instagram by entering their username or handle in the search bar. Since Instagram today possesses more than a billion monthly active users and with so much personal information being shared, many users choose to keep their accounts private to limit who can access and view their content.

Whether you want to watch a user’s stories anonymously or are interested in checking the content of certain individuals, in many cases, you might find that they have a private Instagram account, but do not worry, BulkyFans is here for the rescue and we will reveal a few options for gaining access to private accounts content in 2024.

This detailed blog will bring you through the most effective methods to help you see a private Instagram profile, From simply sending Follow requests to using third-party apps.

Tricks to See a Private Instagram Account

If you are curious about the private account stalking you on Instagram or you want to see what an ex-friend of yours or crush is up to then we have some tips that might help you; While you can’t have access to the content of a private account you can still look up their names on other platforms.

Instagram Account Management

1. Send a request

The easiest thing to do to have access to a private account is to send a follow-up request to them;

When you make a Follow request to a private account, you must wait for the owner to approve the request before viewing the profile and once they accept you, you’ll be able to check their profile immediately. If not, you might have to wait till they go online. However, if you do not want to play by Instagram’s rules or you do not wish the person to know who visited the Instagram profile then keep reading to know more tactics you can utilize.

2. Find them on TikTok

If you’re looking for a private Instagram user’s Reels or Stories, be sure to check their TikTok account; many TikTok users cross-post their videos to their Instagram Reels and Stories, therefore many of their private Instagram videos are likely to be publicly visible on TikTok.

3. Check their Facebook account

If the Instagram user you want to check out is on Facebook, their profile may not be as secure as their Instagram account. Facebook’s privacy settings are somehow confusing, so many users unintentionally share a large number of images, posts, and other information with the public.

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4. Check through a friend

Sometimes, you may have a friend or friend of a friend who is already following the person. If you do, you can ask them to check the account through their phone, or save the posts and forward them to you.

To find out which friend you can rely on to view the account, simply go to the private account, and if you see any recognizable usernames under the bio, these profiles follow the individual; all you have to do is check the account through their phone the next time you meet.

5. Use third-party apps

The fastest and most reliable hack to view private accounts on Instagram is by utilizing an external app. Just like there are many platforms to help you get Instagram followers, many others are now available to help you have a sneak peek on any private account, some of them are free while others will cost a certain amount. I advise investing in an app better than using one for free for many reasons; Apart from getting non-accurate results, free apps might harm your account indirectly, cause restrictions or blocks, or even get your account hacked.

In short, we humans are curious creators by nature so when encountering private Instagram accounts, our interest increases even more; nonetheless, make sure to properly balance this interest with respect for privacy settings that the user has purposely established; People make their accounts private for a reason, so try to respect it and make sure to respect it, and if you don’t want to play by Instagram rules, then we hope the strategies mentioned above assist you in landing an eye on the account’s content.


Can you view a private Instagram account without following?

Unfortunately, the answer is no; You cannot view a private profile unless you send a request and the private user accepts it.

How do you view an Instagram private account story?

unless you follow the account, You will not be able to view a private user’s photos, videos, or stories.

How to not accept a follow request when you have a private account?

To deny a follow request, select the “decline” button, which will prevent them from reading your profile. But they can continue to submit more requests unless you block them.

How can you see a post on a private account without following them?

You can not see posts directly on Instagram, but if they have public profiles on other social media platforms, you’ll most likely see their Instagram content replicated there.

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