Do fake followers affect your Instagram account?


Fake followers, Instagram is considered among the top 3 largest social media platforms. The app has been recording billions of active monthly users. This large audience makes standing out and growing your account as a business owner, content creator, or influencer challenging. That is why, many people started to include boosting Instagram followers with the help of third-party services in their growth strategy. Unfortunately, most of them do not do research before purchasing followers and they end up receiving a low quality which obviously affects their accounts negatively. In this blog, we will be discussing how fake followers affect your Instagram account and the importance of choosing the right social media service provider.

Why do people buy Instagram followers?

There are multiple reasons why people choose to buy Instagram followers. Whatever the motive is, purchasing followers is first and foremost a great social media marketing strategy. It is one of the best ways and easiest ways to get attention for your content and improve your online presence.

Content creators/ influencers often invest in Instagram followers to secure brand collaboration and advertising deals, as well as land more opportunities. Brands who want to promote their products and services prioritize the accounts that are well-known in the industry and take into consideration the high follower count to decide whether they are interested in partnering up with that profile or not.

Businesses usually buy Instagram followers to increase their visibility on the platform, expand their reach, and give a good first impression to other potential followers.

By building a large following list, businesses will be able to market and present their products to a larger audience, as well as appear trustworthy and encourage people to follow and make purchases from them.

Why BulkyFans?

BulkyFans can help you grow your Instagram followers organically and ethically With a larger authentic following your account becomes more discoverable to new users, leading to natural growth and success on the platform We focus on building a genuine audience to help your message reach more people

How do low-quality followers affect your account?

The goal of investing in Instagram followers is only to complement the time and energy you already are putting into your account’s growth and should not be the main source or strategy to grow your profile. So, having genuine and good-looking followers is a must to keep your credibility and high engagement from other followers.

  1. Fake followers affect your Instagram account’s credibility and reputation. If other users notice that your followers are fake they will start questioning your authenticity and be less likely to engage with you and they might even unfollow you.
  2. Additionally, unprofessional external sources will not only deliver low-quality followers but also will not respect Instagram’s guidelines and terms of use, which may result in account suspension or shadowban from the algorithm. If a sudden rise happens in your following it could be suspended or banned for violating the platform’s terms of service.
  3. Keep in mind if you are promoting your products and services on Instagram and trying to drive sales, buying low-quality and fake followers will just be a waste of money because you will not be able to convert them into customers and clients and your business will not even have the chance to expand and reach more audience.

Importance of choosing the right followers provider:

When it comes to buying Instagram followers or any other service for your account such as likes, comments, and views… making wise and smart decisions in choosing the perfect social media services provider is crucial to not mess up the account you have been working hard for.

If you are going for cheap services in order to save money, it is better to not buy at all because you will just destroy your account’s growth. But if you really want to benefit from the purchased Instagram followers, think of increasing the budget and try to invest in high-quality followers and avoid fake followers affecting your Instagram account negatively.

If you are not ready to invest in such services then you can check our tips on growing Instagram followers.

In brief, if you are struggling with your growth strategy, you may consider engaging a third party to add followers and reach your monthly or yearly goal. Remember to conduct research on the platform you are laying eyes on before making any investment so you avoid receiving fake followers that will harm your account’s performance and overall effectiveness in achieving your Instagram goals.


Do fake followers reduce reach?

Bots followers will not only fail to interact with your posts but also affect your daily reach and decrease your overall engagement.

What are the risks of buying followers?

Choosing the right provider will save you a lot of trouble. When deciding to buy Instagram followers from unknown platforms, you are open to scammers. The platform will likely either deliver a quality of followers that looks nonorganic, try to log into your account, or even steal your card information.

Does buying fake followers hurt your Instagram?

If the followers you are buying are bots, then it will definitely affect your account negatively. It will not hurt only your account but also your brand as a business and your career as an influencer or content creator.

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