Do Influencers Buy Instagram Followers?


Have you ever wondered how an influencer profile suddenly gained a significant number of followers? Here is the secret. Approximately all influencers have tried purchasing Instagram followers at some point in their careers, and this purchase is behind the sudden and unexpected rise in their follower’s number.

In this blog, we will be sharing why Influencers buy Instagram followers and how they benefit from this service.

Can you buy Instagram followers?

Gaining Instagram followers is no easy task and it takes a lot of time and energy to reach the follower count you want to have. That is why the possibility of getting Instagram followers is available nowadays with many third-party platforms. You can grow your account instantly and with little effort by choosing the package that suits your goals and budget.

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Do influencers buy Instagram followers?

What is a social media influencer?

A social media influencer is every content creator who has the power to affect and influence the decisions or opinions of his followers. Each niche has its own influencers; beauty influencers, fitness influencers… and brands from each niche are starting to take care of influencer marketing since they noticed how powerful it is and the great results that come with it. Many brands are now spending millions on influencer marketing to promote their products and drive sales. if you want to have a share of what the brands are offering check out the How to Become a Successful Influencer guide and start receiving a second income from Instagram.

Do influencers buy followers for their Instagram accounts?

Our short answer is YES! Most influencers buy Instagram followers or used to do so at some point to quickly grow their accounts.

It is very common in the influencers field to mix and match multiple techniques to form a coordinated growth strategy. Some of the techniques used are relying on organic growth as the base of the account followers and getting the help of third-party sources to get more followers to finish up the goal they have for the month or the year. Using this method is not considered as lying or being unreliable because most of the followers are truly organic, but sometimes tough times call for tough decisions, and if the influencer is on the edge of losing a partnership or not getting an opportunity it is okay to rely on buying followers and save the day.

Why do influencers buy Instagram followers?

There are many reasons behind why influencers choose to buy Instagram followers and we will be discussing some of them below.

Social proof; Most beginner influencers tend to buy Instagram followers to serve their social proof and find more brands to work with. The companies who are seeking influencers to collaborate with prefer the ones who have a sizable follower count since they appear more reliable and attractive.

More Opportunities; An influencer may receive more brand sponsorships if they have a significant followers list. the majority of well-known brands are still interested in only macro-influencers and profiles who have a minimum of 100k followers. Therefore, many influencers buy Instagram followers to seize more opportunities and stand out when a brand is looking for a new ambassador or influencer to work with.

Growth proof; Brands prefer collaborating with accounts that are showing constant growth and improvement because it is a sign that the influencer is putting in hard work to attract new followers therefore they may attract also customers for the business by promoting their products.

How can buying Instagram followers be beneficial for you?

Many people do not get the point of why they need to invest in Instagram followers. Well, if you are not an influencer or business owner there is no need for you to do so. But if you plan on making an income through the app you will need as much visibility and engagement as you can get. This is where buying Instagram followers comes in handy. A large following number help influencers look more trustworthy in order to not only encourage other audience to follow them but also attract brands seeking collaborations and partnership.

Profiles with a large number of followers are seen as successful since popularity, recognition, and trust are earned on Instagram through having a significant follower count. For businesses, more audience means more sales and a higher monthly revenue. This significant follower number boosts the companies’ engagement and drives more sales for them.


Can people know if I buy Instagram followers?

Seeing your account from the outside no one will ever know you invested in Instagram followers but they might do if they conducted a deep scan of your profile. However, by choosing reliable Instagram service providers who offer genuine followers with Instagram profiles and everything no one will ever notice that you have bought extra followers.

Do celebrities buy Instagram followers?

Building a significant following list is challenging and takes a lot of time, but not everyone is patient, especially celebrities who need to appear as famous public figures so that they can land projects. That is why, many celebrities buy Instagram followers and even likes or views for their posts.

Is it okay to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers is becoming a more common practice these days with the rise of the platform. The competition on the app is getting harder and standing out has become more challenging, that is why many people are buying Instagram followers and you can also benefit from that.

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