Get 30k followers on Instagram


Get 30k followers on Instagram is a significant number that most people look up to reach. To some, It is a social media achievement that most small businesses work towards when building a brand. To other people, reaching this level will help them stand out in the platform and unlock their potential to become successful Instagram Influencers.

However, as the competition on Instagram is getting harder, not everyone can achieve such significant numbers of followers but even though the process can be challenging, it is never impossible to reach the desired number of followers you strive for.

This blog will be a step-by-step guide to understanding how you can get 30k followers on Instagram.

Get 30k Followers on Instagram

1. Experiment with the Market

Before starting to stress about why the number of followers is not going up, you must first find your style, the niche you want to work on, and whether the audience will engage with you on the type of content you will be producing or not.

You can start understanding your audience and which content works for you best through consistent posting, keep publishing new posts and videos, and take your time to watch and analyze how the audience reacts, which content they enjoy the most and what type of feature they engage with the most, is it pictures, reels, or videos…

This part is going to take a lot of time and effort from you but it is all worth it, it will help you adapt your content strategy to make your growth much easier and quicker. If you have not yet set your growth strategy, click here to understand how to build one and make your account ready.

2. Be active

Once you start understanding your audience and which content they enjoy seeing from you, start focusing on that type of content and post more consistently.

Consistent posting will inform the algorithm that you are an active user and help your account get notices as well as automatically increase your visibility which can help you attract more people and get Instagram followers while keeping the ones you have interested and engaged.

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3. Be real

The secret to attracting followers to your account is by being yourself and presenting authentic content.

The Instagram platform is full of content, new trends are being produced every day and people have seen enough, so unless you present something unique that has your own touch on it and represents your personality, you will not be able to catch their eyes.

4. Interact with your followers

Once you start noticing an increase in your engagement rate such as likes and comments try to interact back with your audience to make them feel noticed. Answer as many comments as possible and like your followers’ comments, as well as answer your DMS if the audience has any questions or comments on one of your stories. The best thing you can do is to also check some of your followers’ profiles and like some of their posts, This will help you build a connection with your audience and create a sense of community.

5. Look for partnerships and collaborations

Getting in touch with influencers and rising profiles in your field is a great way to expand your audience and increase your following. Find influencers with a significant following who share the same content as your profile and work together to create content. This will be a win-win collaboration that has the power to significantly boost your Instagram followers.

In brief, reaching 30 followers on Instagram comes with surprisingly many benefits especially if you have your brand or trying to pave your way into becoming a successful influencer if reaching such a significant number seems challenging to you just keep these previous recommendations in mind and follow them, you’ll be well on your way to Instagram growth.


Is it hard to get 30k followers on Instagram?

Building an Instagram account from scratch and gaining a significant number of Instagram followers can be a challenging task. But if you shift your focus, time, and energy you will be able to Build a loyal community.

Is it possible to earn money with 30k Followers?

No one can tell you how much money you can make exactly on Instagram because it does not depend only on the number of followers you have, but also on how many collaborations you will be able to secure per month and how much each brand is ready to pay you to promote their products.

How much time to get 30k followers on Instagram?

Gaining 30k Instagram followers takes time, work, and commitment. Depending on how hard you work on your profile and how consistent you are with the posting, you might be able to reach 30k followers in a matter of weeks only, months, or even years, it is all about hard work and dedication.

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