How can I get 100K followers on Instagram 2024


Do you want to get 100K followers on your Instagram account? and you think this is difficult. No this is not impossible at present, so if you see that despite your participation on Instagram you are not getting the number of followers you want but you are ready to take your growth up a notch, maybe you feel you haven’t grown in a while and want to get off the plateau and looking for a correct and easy way to do that, if you are interested to know how to get 100K Instagram followers, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we will provide you with all the steps that will enable you to gain 100K followers

after doing a comprehensive study on these steps to ensure that they are the most appropriate solution for you to get the best results.

7 Tips on How to Get 100K Followers on Instagram

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1. Have a niche:

If your inclinations are towards travel, fashion, sports, whatever it is, you need to find your “one thing” and you need to create content around that. People follow your page for a specific reason that interests them so you need to get creative with it.

If you’re a fashionista, I don’t necessarily want to see your cooking routine. I want to see the catalogs. Same thing with someone who’s traveling: I’m following you because I want more inspiration and information that can benefit me on my next vacation.

So it’s important to stick to a specific niche and it should be the topic you want to create content around.

2. Expand your content:

You should not always limit what you offer to your followers only to your field of work, you can allocate additional time for example, allocating one day a week to share what you do in your personal life, such as going to a restaurant, shopping, or attending a movie with some of your friends or family. You can publish this in your story. Over time, your followers will become more curious about other aspects of your life it’s natural to share what you love with them.

3. Keep posting consistently:

posting consistently is the key to getting 100k Instagram followers, posting daily on your account is best for you although many Instagram users do not like the idea of posting every day on their account, but showing up about three times a week can be a good start for you as a beginning. but you must make sure that you are publishing relevant, high-quality content that your followers will want to engage with and that will interest them, this applies to reels and images

5. Use hashtags wisely:

using hashtags can help to grow your followers. however, you should make sure that you do a hashtag search and find tags that describe and fit the topic of your content before using them also you must think of hashtags as an additional tool to help you increase your reach, using the right hashtags helps make your content more visible to new followers. so initially you have to choose hashtags that have less than a million pieces of content under them, without forgetting that they are in your field of specialization and that the content inside these hashtags is similar to what you publish on your account.

6. Engage with your community:

interacting with your community is a great step to gaining the largest number of followers. For the plan to gain 100K followers to be successful, you always need to be in touch with your followers, whether responding to comments or Instagram Stories, as it is a great way to interact with your followers and attract their attention to watch it. You can also do a Live broadcast sometimes to get closer to your followers more.

7. Network with other Influencers:

It is a good idea to build relationships with some influencers in your field of specialization or content, as it allows you to communicate with other content creators on Instagram to cross-promote each other and is useful for brand deals, as you may work with the same brand clients, so it is useful for you to know other content creators to stay up to date with what’s happening on your side of Instagram.

In conclusion, after a comprehensive talk about how to gain followers and bring the largest number to your account, we find that the majority of Instagram users have the same goal, which is to grow their account or raise its level, whether to gain fame or for business success. But you must take into consideration that if you pursue your goal in the correct manner and with smart and organized steps such as those we mentioned previously on our blog, you will obtain successful and guaranteed results.


Can the number of my followers decrease after I gain them?

Yes, if you neglect your account and posts and are disconnected from your followers for some time, they may get bored and unfollow you, so you must always make your account interactive and active.

Does getting 100K followers take a long time?

We are in the year 2024 and nothing is impossible. If you give your account the attention it deserves, you will reach your goal even if you find it difficult at first but you can achieve it.

Will these tips benefit my account?

Of course, it will benefit you in this, as we have been keen in this blog to provide the best steps that can raise your account to the best levels if you use them correctly and study them well.


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