How to Grow Instagram Followers in 2023: New Tips


Instagram followers are more than just numbers, they are members of your community.

Instagram can be a highly targetable marketing channel for you to promote and build a loyal audience that grows with your business. With that being said, growing your Instagram followers is key to boosting your profile’s visibility and driving more sales.

In this blog, we will be revealing the secrets that successful profiles depend on to grow Instagram followers and their account engagement

How to grow Instagram followers?

Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your account’s visibility, the below 8 tips will definitely help you grow Instagram followers and increase engagement, from promoting your content to making collaborations and incorporating new features.

let us discover each tip alone and dive into how can anyone benefit and utilize each one to get more Instagram followers.

Instagram Followers

1. Work on your profile’s representation

Instagram now is considered a representation of you so it has to be organised and eye-catching. Of course, it does not have to be picture-perfect but still first impression matters.

Try to make your account look more aesthetic by filtering out the low-quality posts and pictures that are not relevant to your niche It will definitely help with getting followers. A strong Instagram aesthetic and a well-presented feed can make the difference between a visitor tapping the follow button or exiting the profile.

You can also optimize your Instagram bio. Try to craft a simple yet eye-catching bio that represents your account well. Use that space to speak directly to your target audience through specific keywords.

2. incorporate reels

Instagram Reels are considered the most effective way to reach new audiences on the app. Unlike other types of Instagram posts such as pictures and stories, a study has shown that people scroll the most on reels since they prefer shot and fun videos over just basic pictures.

Anyone who is looking to grow Instagram followers and make their Instagram account discoverable should definitely implement creating reels as a priority in their growth strategy. The algorithm has been prioritizing people who use a combination of feed pictures, videos, and reels.

3. work with brands, influencers, creators

partnering with profiles that are working on the same niche you are working on is the best hack to help the audience find your account easily. Partnerships will help you grow Instagram followers and tap into a new pool of potential followers.

You can either look for brands that you want to promote their products, or just partner with like-minded creators who are also looking to grow so you both can promote your content on each other’s profiles. These partnerships don’t have to be necessary with supersized influencers, you can look for micro-influencers as long as they have higher engagement rates so that you can benefit from the partnership.

4. Buy Instagram followers

One of the easiest ways to have an instant push for your account is by buying Instagram followers. Lately, the act of investing in engagement services and getting help from third parties has become more popular and is being used by most influencers and content creators.

It usually takes a long time to grow to Instagram followers especially if you are a beginner, so it is advised to buy Instagram followers just to receive that first push for your account and then you can go on and implement the other mentioned strategies on this blog to keep attracting more audience and receive unlimited growth.

5. Connect with your audience

The best way to get more traffic for your account is by building an engaged Instagram community. Whether you are a business owner or content creator, engaging with the followers, answering comments, dm’s and constantly updating them through stories will help create a sense of community and trust between you and the audience which will drive outsiders to get interested in your profile and hit that follow button.


6. utilize hashtags

Constantly posting new and high-quality posts will satisfy the followers you already have, but in order to establish a strong base and begin growing your Instagram followers, you will need the help of Hashtags; The use of hashtags makes it easy for people searching for specific terms to find your posts. So make sure to use relevant, targeted hashtags that will put you in front of the right audience who will genuinely be interested in your profile.

7. have a consistent posting schedule

Consistency is the secret of success in any field. And when it comes to Instagram growth, you can make the algorithm work for you by consistently providing high-quality content for your audience. Make sure to post frequently to positively impact your account especially if you are looking to reach a new audience.

8. find the right time to post

On a side note besides consistently posting, you must consider the timing of your posts in order to get more eyes on your content. You can analyze when most users are constantly active, as well as you can check on Instagram insights which posts got the highest engagement to set the perfect timing.


Benefits of Instagram followers

Whether you are a business owner who is promoting his own products on Instagram, or a content creator who wants to monetize his account, having a significant follower count will definitely help your account reach more audience in order to thrive sales or be visible to other brands to make promotions and collaborations. It will definitely increase the possibility of attracting more engagement from new users. Additionally, the more you grow Instagram followers, the more reliable and trustworthy your profile seems; A significant following will increase your brand’s credibility, meaning users are more likely to trust your service and become potential future customers.

In brief, growing Instagram accounts is definitely not an overnight process, but hopefully, by following and implementing the mentioned tips into your growth strategy you will find building an organic and engaged followers base easier.


How to grow Instagram followers?

To get more followers on Instagram you will need to learn certain tips and strategies to implement in your growth plan. If you are still a beginner, you could feel overwhelmed but it does get easier every time.

What are the benefits of growing Instagram followers?

Having more followers means that your content is more likely to be seen. A significant number of followers will give more engagement and will help your account reach a larger audience. They also will help with your credibility and make your account appear more trustworthy to potential followers.

Can you make money by growing Instagram followers?

The Instagram app will not directly pay you for having a large following count, but the platform will open new opportunities for you to earn income from your content. You can for example start earning money through collaboration and partnerships with brands.

Are followers better than likes and comments?

Having a large following count is more eye-catching than likes and comments since they are a strong indicator that people actually do want to see your content consistently. Also when it comes to partnerships, the first thing that brands track is the followers list, then of course they move to the engagement rate and whether the interactions match the number of followers you got.

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