How to Make Money on Youtube


How to Make Money on Youtube? Video content is becoming more popular than ever. In 2023, people are enjoying watching video content over scrolling through pictures only, so that is why we notice how instagram updated their app and added the section of short videos named as ”Reels”. Youtube on the other side has always been a video creation platfrom but they have also added the feature of ”Youtube Shorts” where you can scroll and watch more video that do not exceed 60 seconds. Now imagine you can actually earn income through the content you upload on Youtube!! Yes, by learning the right tricks and strategies you can actually make money on youtube and turn it into a side hustle or even a full-time job you gt income from.

Now when talk about monetizing your Youtube content can be a challenging task, especially for beginners with limited information and experience on growth techniques. But don’t worry we got you. On this blog, we will help you discover youtube monetization and reveal the rules and requirements you will need in order to make your first dollard with youtube.

What is Youtube monetization?

In short, monetization generally is the ability to make money from the content you provide. And in order to enable this monetization you need to meet certain requirements and follow specific rules.

First things first is making the youtube channel ready. In order to qualify for monetization,you must have minimum 1k subscribers and at least 4k watch hours over the last year. You can simply grow these numbers by constantly posting quality content or using other growth strategies to reach the above numbers.

Now that the channel is ready, there are some other strategies to implement to monetize your channel. We will discuss most important ones below.


Make money on youtube

Making money from the content you upload on youtube can be a rewarding experience. And with the right techniques and strategies you can turn the passion into a side hustle. The most basic and easiest way to make money on Youtube is by signing up for the Youtube Partner Program (YPP). Once you get accepted, you will start earning money based on the number of views you reach each month; the more views you get, the more money you will be able to earn.

Let us dive in deeper into the crucial requirments to start monetizing your Youtube content

How to Make Money on Youtube

1. Get your channel ready for monetization

The firt step before thinking of anything else is applying for the Youtube Partner Program. This gives you access to youtube monetization features such as ads revenue, channel memberships… You will need to check if the program is available first on the country you live in, then agree to follow all Youtube’s policies. It can take a month or more for the team to study your application before making up a decision. So if you want to have a better chance to get accepted make sure to have all the requirments needed to join the program such as 1k subscribers as minimum, the content you provide should not violate youtube terms and condition, have at least 4k views on the channel over the last year and many other requirments.

Once the application has been successful you can enable the monetization; simply go to youtube studio and select ”Enable Monetization” and follow the few next steps shown on your phone. Once you are done you will be able to make money on youtube.

2. Benefit from Youtube Ads

Another basic yet effective way to make money on youtube is by running ads before or during your videos.

After joining the YPP you will be able to turn on the ads monetization for many videos on the channel. The chosen videos must contain friendly and respectful content.

3. look for paid sponserships

Paid partnerships are when brands and businesses pay a content creator or youtuber to show and make promotion of one of their products. These sponsorships are a double sided coin, you will benefit not only from the promotion’s financial revenue but you will also gain visibility to a large audience of potential subscribers.

In order to secure a sponsorship,-especially if you are still a beginner- you can contact the brands you would love to work with yourself, show them your youtube analytics, your skills and explain to them how you can add value to their business by promoting them.

4. Affiliate program

Just like in any other business , you can also benefit from affiliate programs through youtube.

Once you secure a sponsorship or just join an affiliate program with any brand, you can compose a unique code or link that is personalized for you and then share it with your subscribers. You can make a deal with the brand; for example each one who uses the link or code you created get a discount or a gift with the order, that way you will help encourage subscribers to buy and you will drive more sales for the brand. So each time someone uses that code you will get a percentage or comission of the revenue .

5. Memberships

You can create a special section within your channel for memberships where you post exclusive content or give an early sneak peak of future projects, the members can also chat with you …

These memberships are unlike regular subscriptions. You will need at least 1k subscribers to actually create one and you can set the fee that you think is most suitable for your content.

6. Merchandise

Now when it comes to creating personal merchandise anyone can do it , whether they are a content creator, business owner or just a regular person. But for the merch to succeed and actually get sales and make a second income from the business you will need to promote it. Best way to promote any product is through youtube video since you can actually show what the product looks like.

Lately, youtube has added the option of merch shelf that appears on each video page. If you got more than 10k subscribers you can enable the sales option and you will open up another revenue stream by selling personalized merchandise to the fans of the channel.

7. Youtube premium

When we speak of subscribing for youtube premium, it means watching youtube videos without any ad interupting it. As we learned on previous sections the main source you can earn money from is the ads displayed before or during the video , so does this affect monetization? and can the content creators still get paid even though there are no ads to watch? Short answers is YES!

According to youtube, even though the people who are subscribed for the premium versions do not watch any ads that are linked to your account but you can still earn a part from the subscription revenue payments depending on how many premium subscribers watch the videos.

8. Funds

There is no shame in receiving funds and donations from the people who support and enjoy watching your content since you deserve it for the hard work and the time you actually invest in making the videos.

You can set up a ”Fan Funding” stream and share it with your subscribers, You will not be forcing anyone to send you anything but if you are offering good content, your audience might be inclined to support you.

in brief, creating and publishing videos is not just a passion but it can also be a side hustle where you earn an additional monthly income.

With the right strategies and knowlege you can monetize your content and make money on youtube. Start by branding your Youtube channel in order to receive more views and subscribers, that way you will get access to enable the monetization. The more views and subscribers you have, the higher the chance is to monetize on the platfrom.


How to make money on youtube?

There are certain strategies and rules to follow in order to make your first dollard with the help of youtube. The easiest way is to apply for the youtube partner program (YPP) and enable ads to run before or during your videos.

What to do if rejected by youtube partner program?

If you are trying to monetize your channel and youtube did not accept your application for the youtube partner program ( YPP), the team will outline the weak points on your channel that you can improve. it is necessary for your channel to meet and follow all the policies before applying. Once you fix and improve all the points on your account you can re-apply after 30 days

What is youtube premium?

Youtube premium is a paid memeberships that allows you to watch any video on the platfrom without being interrupted by any ads. It does not affect the creators revenue but it still benefits the subscribers to watch anything they want without interuption and get access to exclusive youtube content.

How many views and subscribers do you need on youtube to make money?

Youtube aallows advertisement on your channel through the youtube partner program (YPP). In order to get accepted and start earning money you will need at least 1000 subscribers on the channel and a total of 4000views over the last year.

Are youtubers paid monthly?

Short answer is yes. Youtubers on the youtube partner program receive a monthly payment through AdSense, but you must exceed 100$ as minimum payment. If earnings don’t reach the set amount than they roll over to the next month.

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