How to sell via Instagram?


Instagram is considered one of the most prominent social networking sites as the fastest and most economical way to publish ads, communicate between people, or promote businesses, services, and content as well. It has become a reliable place for marketing, buying, and selling more than other means, as the majority of companies and merchants rely on it to communicate their names and products to the largest number of people in the shortest possible time.

So, the Instagram platform is a great way if you are interested in buying or selling through social networking sites and expanding your field of work, as many people adopt the technique of buying through Instagram, and you can take advantage of that and sell to them if their requirements match the products you want to sell.

Through this blog, we will present to you the best steps that you can adopt in selling via Instagram, which will enable you to obtain amazing results if you apply them in a smart way and strategy.

Best Steps to Sell via Instagram

How to sell via Instagram?


1. You should find the right niche and build your following

The secret behind every successful business is defining the scope of your business and your specialization. When you understand your specialized market on Instagram, it puts you in the minds of the target consumer, so you must discover their desires and needs and how your products or services will meet their demand. Your services must be compatible with your requirements for you to succeed in the Sales process.

You must also conduct a competitive analysis of companies similar to your field of specialization and try to make your products or services distinct from the rest of the competing companies’ services.

2. You must have a business profile on Instagram

You should convert your account to a business profile on Instagram. It is free and it allows you to manage the presence of your brand and your online store. Instagram business accounts are the preferred and effective options for brands or companies that sell products or services. You can also benefit from this technology to build and grow your online presence and open your own Instagram store, This step will help you manage your services system in the right way.

3. Set up an Instagram shop

You must open your store on Instagram to introduce your product or business. You must choose sales channels, preview your store, and verify whether it is ready or not.

Opening your store gives you a dashboard full of features that you can use to create an immersive marketplace experience. Followers can visit your store and discover the products or services you offer to buy what they want directly from your profile, posts, or stories, and the selling process is easy.

4. You have to create shoppable posts

One of the ways to enhance the possibility of a product is through shoppable posts. It can be in the form of posts, stories, or also reels that include tags of the product or service you offer.

It enables users to know the product information, name, and price and allows them to add it to their shopping link.

The purchase stage has been moved through your website. The selling process was completed easily. You can add a link in your profile for users to visit to learn more about your services or The products you offer. Shoppable posts are a great and ideal way to advertise your products and services to all users.

You should choose good, interesting, and eye-catching posts that showcase your product. Make sure you have selected the appropriate product or business before publishing the post and it becomes shoppable.

5. You should try to create regular posts

You should not focus only on marketing posts, but also on regular posts. Try to target 20% of regular posts and 80% of marketing posts, as this is considered an effective strategy that you can adopt to market your products. You should take into consideration that with every post you should try to Create value.

Do not forget to publish attractive and creative posts at the same time to attract more users. You can also share with them a sneak peek of your product or business to motivate users to follow you.

6. Try live shopping

There are several ways to achieve sales, which is to benefit from live shopping on Instagram. It is a live and interactive experience, Live shopping allows you to sell products directly on the live broadcast on Instagram as it is an opportunity to attract people’s attention, promote your products, and a great way for customers to discover new products. Although not many people resort to this method of selling, it is effective.

Note: Instagram is one of the platforms that most users and companies resort to to market their products or services. It is a good and effective option for selling due to the success achieved by Instagram, as millions of people use it, and this is what makes it a fertile place to attract the largest number of audiences and followers and an opportunity for the success of your business and its marketing. To reach many countries of the world.

You just have to be careful to use the selling methods that we previously presented to you in a smart, strategic, and organized way to obtain great results and the ability to sell successfully.


Is buying via Instagram safe?

Yes, Instagram is among the safe platforms that many people resort to to shop and buy the products they want. You just have to choose reliable and trustworthy pages to make your purchase in a safe way and without being exposed to any fraud or problems.

Is selling via Instagram profitable?

Of course, selling through Instagram is one of the very profitable ways because many people use Instagram for shopping, so if you promote your business or product, you can get a lot of profits, as most Instagram users currently resort to selling through Instagram.

How to sell through Instagram?

You must display the product that you want to market on your page, whether through an advertisement, pictures, or publications, and provide the followers with a set of information about it. If your product matches what the followers want, they will visit your link to purchase or communicate with you. This is a simple method.

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