Meta AI has joined Instagram: use Meta AI in an Instagram chat


The Meta company -previously known as Facebook- has announced recently their integration of an AI assistant named ”Meta AI” in their platforms to give users a more unique experience. Users will be able to seamlessly have access and interact with Meta AI through platforms like Instagram and Facebook unlocking a better experience within their usual social media platforms.

The Meta AI chatbot is now powered by the company’s latest LLM model, Llama3, and can be accessed for free on all platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. Let’s dive into how we can access this new artificial intelligence assistant and discover how to Use Meta AI in an Instagram chat.

Acess Meta AI on Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that this new Artificial Intelligence chatbot is ” the most intelligent AI assistant that you can use freely”. This meant that users could access Meta AI on Instagram seamlessly from the Direct messages section or the search page for Free. But first, make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. (Keep in mind that the Meta AI is still not available in all countries and different languages but it will be within the next few weeks).

  1. If you want to connect with the Meta AI through direct messages, then click on the arrow icon at the top of your main feed and you will be directed to the DM section where you can click on the search bar and add any question you got. Once you click on ”SEND” the message will be directed to Meta AI and will open a chat where the assistant will get you the answers you need. Along with the responses, you will have the chance as a user to either like or dislike the response and help with the improvement of this technology making it more efficient.
  1. Meta AI can be accessed also through the search page; When you write a question on the search bar, it gives suggestions based on training topics and just like on the Instagram DMs, once you click on send, a chat will open and the assistant will provide you with answers to your query; You can ask the assistant about any subject, and rely on it to create captions for your posts and help you generate new content ideas to help grow your Instagram followers.

Meta AI has joined Instagram: use Meta AI in an Instagram chat

Benefits of Meta AI on Instagram

The incorporation of Meta AI on Instagram brings a collection of advanced functionalities that will be helpful to individuals, successful Influencers, and businesses promoting their services on the platform to build their brand persona since it can facilitate a diverse range of tasks for them.

  1. Seamless experience: Meta Ai has been integrated seamlessly into the user experience and people can have access to it easily and for free.
  2. Use Meta AI in an Instagram chat: Meta AI is integrated into Instagram chats so you can get answers without having to leave a conversation; You can simply tap your query on the message bar at the bottom and then tap the send icon and the answer to your question will be sent as a message in the chat, Keep in mind that your friend will be able to see your message to Meta AI.
  3. Craft content: Meta AI is also an entertainment and creativity tool that you can rely on to help you create animated images, and craft captions for your posts, help you generate new content ideas, get you strategies to get more Instagram followers, help you stay organized and many other things.

To wrap up our article, the Integration of Meta AI on instagram and all Meta PLatforms highlights how effortlessly users can utilize the new Artificial Intelligence tools to help them with their daily needs and day-to-day tasks via platforms they already have access to easily. This seamless integration of the new AI assistant technology by Meta will eliminate the need for users to leave their usual social media apps and clutter their phones with other dedicated AI applications to get assistance such as Chat GBT. Instead, they will be able to perform all the activities and get assistance from one app only making the experience smooth and clear.


What is Meta AI?

Meta AI is an assistant that the Meta company integrated into their social media platforms to answer users’ questions, generate images, and simplify complex tasks for them.

What is the role of AI on Instagram?

Meta AI on Instagram will offer a more unique experience to users since it can do more than just answer questions. The new AI assistant can create AI-generated content, provide animated images, delete information about you from conversations, and much more complex tasks.

How can I access Meta AI?

Meta AI can be accessed on all platforms including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger by typing @metaai within chats or through the search bar on your search feed.

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