Meta’s new AI: How do I access Meta AI?


If you have been wondering what Meta Facebook is and the changes happening recently on this technology then this article is dedicated to you. We will be setting up a guide for Meta providing you with all the details needed to understand this new technology and how to access Meta AI.

So If you’ve been curious about utilizing Meta tools such as Meta AI, just keep reading.

Meta's new AI: How do I access Meta AI?

What is Meta

The new term “metaverse“, is trendy nowadays, and its implications are widely discussed. The metaverse is the idea of having a 3D virtual world that you can freely access and live in a simulated reality, and experts predict this new technology will be the century’s best revolution and move the Internet to the next level. So instead of interacting with your Facebook or Instagram Followers with a screen blocking you, you will be able to interact with each other’s avatars virtually and have a much closer experience.

What does Meta do?

Recent technological developments have changed many aspects of society, specifically communication and how people connect. The metaverse offers realistic and detailed moments applied to virtual reality because of the need to be connected and to be able to enjoy realistic experiences through various electronic devices.

The way to join these metaverses is through devices like virtual reality goggles, like the Facebook-produced VR headset. These ensure a rich sensation for controlling an avatar or character and interacting with other users in this virtual world.

Video games are where virtual reality first appeared. However, the idea of a metaverse extends beyond video games. It extends to everyday human activities, including going to work, the stadium, the cinema for movies, and so on.

How does Meta work?

The first thing you should know is that Horizon is the name of the company’s metaverse where you will have access to social networks, employment, entertainment, learning, and trading opportunities. You can Engage with other avatars or individuals in a fictional or virtual world. So if this interests you and you want to enter the metaverse all you need is

  1. Facebook’s headset named the Oculus glasses which allow you to access the virtual reality.
  2. Manual controls for moving items and experiencing feelings of touch.
  3. You need to create an avatar that represents you using the Facebook platform.

Once you have all these components in hand, you are now ready to Access the Metaverse and all Meta features and start playing online, watching unique content with a different perspective, and engaging with other people in virtual reality.

Meta AI: How to access Meta AI

The Meta company has introduced their chatbot named Meta AI which can develop many forms of Artificial intelligence including virtual reality technologies which is considered the soul of Meta.

What is Meta AI?

The Meta AI is an artificial intelligence tool that was created according to to ” develop various forms of Artificial intelligence including augmented and artificial reality technologies”.

Meta AI was built on the latest large language model called Meta Llma3 as the Meta Company announced and its main purpose is to enhance the social connections of users by making their day-to-day tasks easier, assisting them in making plans, and answering any inquiries while giving recommendations.

Recently, Meta has released that their free assistant tool, Meta AI, is now rolling out across its platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. This assistant will have the ability to answer questions. create 3D designs and animations and many other options that can make tasks less complicated for users which is why people must be aware of this new technology and have a general idea of how to access Meta AI.

Access Meta AI

The new assistant Meta AI, built with Llma 3 is available in search across all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and many others, and accessing it is pretty simple.

  1. Meta AI, the world’s leading AI assistant, can be accessed through search across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. For instance, you can use Messanger’s search to ask Meta AI for assistance on any matter and you will get your instant answer without having to leave the messenger app.
  2. Meta AI can be accessed also while scrolling through your feed. Let’s say you come across a post ( photo or video) that seems interesting and you want to have more information, you can simply ask Meta AI a question related to the post or the general topic of the post and you will get the assistance you need.
  3. Meta AI can be also used on Instagram messages to help businesses offer a smooth and fun experience to their customers and build their brand persona effortlessly.

To Sum up today’s article, Meta AI comes with many advanced tools that prove this technology will be helpful to people in the future when it comes to getting assistance and making day-to-day tasks less complicated. Meta AI gives people the ability to have quick access to real-time information, stay organized, get inspiration, understand complex subjects, provide animated GIFs, and many other interesting features. Meta AI is still building its popularity as it develops more to enhance people’s lives.

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