Top 7 Tips on How to Get More Views on TikTok


As a beginner, gaining views can be challenging and a long process that requires time and energy, that is why many platforms have come to reality to help you boost your TikTok views like any other influencer and business to give your account that first push. In this blog, we will reveal how you can get more views on TikTok with a boosting platform and other 7 tips to help you do so.

Why are views important on TikTok?

Each social media platform has its way of counting engagement and tracking the overall account’s performance. Unlike other platforms like YouTube and Instagram that measure the success of your account based on the followers count you got, likes, and comment rate, TikTok’s main indicator of content engagement is Views. The more views you get, the more likely your videos will appear on the FYP (for your page) to a new audience.

Compared to other platforms, TikTok is considered your best option if you want to go viral. Its algorithm is easy to figure out plus the platform gives a chance to everyone at first to appear on the FYP page, so you only need to produce unique and quality content that will interest people.

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Boosting views

There are many boosting platforms that can help you get more views on TikTok effortlessly. If you are a beginner who produces interesting content and you think you are not being noticed by the algorithm, then investing in TikTok views will help your content get the attention it deserves and be more visible.

7 tips on how to get more views on TikTok

1. New Content

Unlike other platforms, you will need to keep producing content not only on a daily basis but also several times per day to prevent any shadowbanning. The more you are active and you post videos for your followers, your videos will appear to new audiences who do not follow you and get more views on TikTok.

2. Keep it short

We live in times where people prefer anything that is quick to consume which is why most of them love using TikTok for the short video format it offers. So even though the app was updated to make videos up to 10min, still if you want people to watch the full video and get your engagement high, try to keep your videos short, quick, and get straight to the point

3. Use Hashtags

We have talked before in previous blogs about the importance of using hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts on all social media platforms. The same thing applies to TikTok, the use of hashtags has a big impact on to whom the video will appear, so keep an eye on trending hashtags and keywords that are related to your niche and relevant to the content you are providing so that the video appears to the right audience who will more likely interact with your videos.

4. Stay Updated on Trends

TikTok is the app that has the most updates and changes when it comes to trends. Almost every month or 2 weeks a new trend pops up and the audience gets excited about such videos. That is why, constantly staying informed about the changes that are happening and creating videos with trending audios, or trending challenges… will increase your chance of appearing to a larger audience and get more views on TikTok.

5. Take Use of TikTok Analytics

Checking your TikTok analytics will help you understand the path your account is going on to decide whether to change the strategy you are working with or not. It will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the engagement rate received on your account so you can create content that resonates with your audience to optimize and improve your growth strategy.

6. Get to know your Audience

The first step is defining the niche you are working on so you can know what your audience will be most interested in. By understanding what your audience interacts with most, you will be able to produce content that collects views in an instance, and over time you will also be able to build a stable viewership that not only watches your videos but also shares and engages with them because you know exactly what they are waiting for.

7. Create duet videos

Creating a video besides another one that is already viral can also increase your chances of getting more views on TikTok. These duets feature lets you share a split screen with another profile’s video and you can either react to it or add your own dialogue on top of it. Taking advantage of this feature will definitely make you exposed to more people and get you more views.

In brief, growing an account on all social media platforms takes time. However, that is not the case for TikTok. You will be able to get more views on TikTok by utilizing the 7 tips mentioned above. Keep in mind that you have a chance every day to get noticed by new audiences and go viral, so be patient and wait for your turn to shine.


Should I buy TikTok views?

You can get TikTok views if you think your content is not receiving the attention it deserves. Buying TikTok views will eventually increase your engagement.

Does watching my own TikTok video count as a view?

Unlike Instagram reels, watching your own TikTok videos does not count, you need to get other people to watch your videos.

Does TikTok count each time a person watches a video as another view?

Yes! If a profile watches your video and it loops again it counts as a view on TikTok. Also if the profile revisited your account and watched your video it also counts as a view.

Why am I receiving no views on my TikTok videos?

Many factors can prevent your videos from being exposed to other audiences. Maybe the content you produce is sensitive and does not respect TikTok’s terms of service which is why you are shadwobanned. Or maybe you just do not have a strategy to work with and you are producing content randomly.

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