Why you need to be on Instagram?


Instagram is a free photo-video app available in all countries. It was first created for the purpose of connecting people with each other and sharing photos as well as videos of everyday lifestyles or any other special occasions. But lately, Instagram has grown to be more than just a photo-video sharing app. People started using it as a side hustle and making income out of it and businesses are now including it in their marketing strategy. Keep reading to discover more about the platform and why you need to be on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a popular photo-video-sharing platform with thousands of daily active users and more joining every day. It is favored by most people over any other social media platform since it offers many features to present content. You got the Instagram stories, photos, messages, and many other ones.

People who join the platforms have the option to;

  1. They can create and publish pictures as well as videos in the form of Reels.
  2. They can make Instagram stories to share daily activities and lifestyles with their friends, family, and all followers.
  3. They can go live with their friends and fans if they have a significant following count.
  4. They can even make purchases and shop directly from different brands through Instagram.
  5. They can choose to keep their posts private and share them only with a selection of people, or have a professional account to monetize it and promote their business.

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Why should you be using Instagram?

As mentioned before, Instagram is a widely known platform. In terms of daily global use, Instagram takes the 4th place as the most-used app. And because of its wide audience, you should not miss the opportunity to join it for many reasons particularly if you have a business you are trying to grow or you have certain skills to show. Below you’ll find why you need to be on Instagram as a business owner or content creator.

Instagram Effect on Businesses

Nothing should stop you from being on Instagram if you have a business you’re trying to grow

  1. Visual content is more engaging than any other form of content, and since Instagram is an app that is based on visual posts, businesses will be able to display their products and services to attract the attention of many people
  2. Instagram analytics will help you increase your brand awareness, drive more sales, and reach a large audience of potential customers.
  3. You will be able to make direct sales from Instagram since the shop tab feature is now available for all business profiles.
  4. You need to be on Instagram so you can also make shoppable posts for products mentioning the price and other little details about them, and these posts can direct interested customers to your online store.
  5. Can partner with influencers and other businesses to make your services more visible to people
  6. You can be creative in any way you want as long as you respect Instagram community guidelines. You can present your product and business however you like.

Instagram for content creators

As a content creator or influencer, you can use Instagram for many reasons

  1. If you are looking to showcase your skills in singing, photography, UGC creation, or any other field then Instagram is your opportunity to make your skills visible to the world.
  2. People looking for side hustles can also monetize their accounts and make money out of Instagram. Read more about the topic of How to make money from Instagram.
  3. As an influencer, you will have the chance to collaborate and make partnerships with many brands.

In brief, in our age, Instagram has become a must-have social media platform. It could be used not only to stay updated on your loved ones’ lives but also to make money. If you are looking for a side hustle then you need to be on Instagram because it could be your best option to showcase your skills or products you can offer to people since more of them are paying attention to it. Additionally, you will be able to establish a significant following count of potential customers without spending any money since the app is open and free to anyone.


What is the point of having Instagram?

Instagram is a free app where you can share your daily activities with friends and family, as well as make money out of it if you are interested in doing so.

Is it important to be on Instagram?

Not necessarily but if you have a business you want to grow then we advise you to sign up for an account since it will help you with brand awareness and drive more sales.

Is Instagram the best platform available?

All social media platforms could be helpful to you to have a side hustle but Instagram features make it easier. The app is an all-in-one app, it contains shops for your business, short-form videos, photos and stories, and many other features that can make connecting with friends or customers easier.

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