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Increasing one’s visibility on Instagram is the goal of every brand promoting its products and services on the platform. Influencers and content creators seek partnerships and want to show off their skills. A high Instagram views count will give you the chance to expand the visibility of your content and increase the chance of finding more opportunities especially if you are looking to make a second income from Instagram.

Benefits of investing in 20k Instagram views package

1. Expand the account’s reach: The more views you get on your Reels the more likely for the Instagram algorithm to recognize your account and make it pop to new users in their feeds or on the explore page. This recognition will increase your reach and help your account be visible to a much larger audience of potential followers.

2. Build brand awareness: For businesses, an increase in their reel views automatically means better brand visibility; Having a large number of people watching and interacting with the product or service you showcase will definitely bring you new customers to discover your personal brand and spreading the word about it which will eventually increases your sales.

3. Better engagement: A high views number comes with a better engagement rate. People who watch your reels will usually interact with them either by liking them or leaving a comment to express their opinion or criticism.

4. Find opportunities: High Instagram views on your videos will be a good metric that other brands use to check if you are a successful social media influencer and play a huge part in helping you land better deals and partnerships with them.

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How to increase Instagram views

There are many ways that can help you increase the views on your reels, but if you are still a beginner and still learning Instagram strategies and how the platform works, you can start off by investing in a views package to instantly give a boost to your reels.

besides buying Instagram views, if you want to keep driving more people to your account and make them watch your content, you can also put a well-planned strategy and include in it the quality of the posts you publish, when will you be posting, the content the audience is more likely to engage with, and many other things. You can keep reading to understand more about the Instagram strategy on Tips and Tricks for Instagram growth.

In summary, increasing the views number under your reels comes with extra positive side effects. The number of views you receive plays a big part in expanding the reach of your account, finding new business opportunities, and attracting better engagement.


Is it possible to buy views to boost reels?

If you have worked hard to produce high content but still do not get the attention you deserve, you can go ahead and invest in Instagram views to give your posts the first push in order for them to get recognized by the algorithm and be more visible to a larger audience.

Can Views be a metric that matters to the audience?

While the displayed follower’s number is the first metric that proves how successful your account is, other metrics such as likes, comments, and Views definitely contribute to defining the overall performance of your account.

Are the instantly increased views permanent?

Normally the views you invest in with any platform should be permanent so that the account keeps growing. The views offered at BulkyFans are permanent and come with a guarantee to ensure the customers have a satisfied experience.

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6 reviews for +20000 Instagram views

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