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Apart from likes, comments are also considered an important metric of engagement. Having a significant follower count with a high likes number on your account is proof of having a successful Instagram account, but also getting comments constantly from other users proves even more that people on the platform do enjoy the content you produce.

Understanding Instagram comments

The Instagram comments hold so much power not everyone is aware of. They are a powerful tool which you must focus on increasing it to

1. Build a community: receiving more comments under your posts and interacting with them can create a sense of community and build a connection between the creator and followers.

2. boost the Instagram algorithm: a combination of likes and comments can transform the algorithm and switch it to your side. Posts that usually have high likes are more likely to get the attention of the algorithm but by increasing the comments you will have an even higher chance to appear on the explore page and reach the largest audience possible.

3. Feedback: The comments will help you keep track of which content your audience enjoys the most since they serve as a source of real-time feedback. The comments feature is a valuable section where users express their opinions, and criticize certain things… that is why every creator or brand must pay attention to it in order to improve their content, products, or services.

17 Tips and tricks for Instagram Growth

The impact of Instagram comments on the account’s growth

Increasing the Instagram comments of multiple posts or a certain one will not only boost the post but the overall account’s growth. Once the engagement increases you will notice automatically an increase in followers and other things mentioned below.

1. Finding more opportunities: Usually brands and businesses who are looking for collaboration and partnerships prioritize selecting accounts that have a high number of followers as well as engagement such as likes, comments, and views, and through those comments, they can figure out whether people actually enjoy your content or not. If you work on increasing your comments then you will be able to attract more collaboration opportunities.

2. Increasing the overall engagement: every post that has a decent amount of followers has a chance to be featured on the Explore page. Not only that but also people will feel more encouraged to interact with the published post and also comment on it to express their opinion.

3. Building connections: Instagram comments are a great tool for creators and businesses to build a little connection with other users. By replying to comments you can create a small conversation with your audience which can make them feel appreciated and help you build a loyal and strong following. You can also create an instagram group messages with all users who usually comment under your posts and have a private conversation with them

In brief, Instagram comments are the core of an active community. by realizing their importance and focusing on increasing them you will be able to build a connection with your audience and establish a strong followers base


How can businesses benefit from Instagram comments?

customers will usually ask questions or express their opinions through comments, businesses must take advantage of that and try to answer most comments and provide them with all the answers they need in order to build a positive brand reputation

How to increase Instagram comments?

If you are looking to increase your Instagram comments for the first time as a beginner you can rely on the help of a third-party platform that can increase the comments under your posts effortlessly and also get the help of other strategies such as asking a question in your caption, inviting people to comments for you…

Are comments a good metric for engagement?

The overall engagement of your account is measured by many things, one of the important metrics is comments. They are a great way to quickly calculate the interaction rate and whether people enjoy your content or not.

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